I fully believe that hell consists of daily writing assignments of About Me pages. On days that require less (but more infuriating) work, Bios will be written for various and sundry places. So please read this, because it’s my least favorite thing to do and it took me far more time than it should have.

Hi. I'm Jana. Welcome to Nifty Nadine.

I had never held a needle and thread until college. At least not that I remember. My roommate cross stitched and one day she taught me. I was instantly in love. It fed my need to obsessively count and put things in nice, neat rows, while creating something tangible and beautiful at the end. Yes, we were the old ladies at Auburn, stitching while we watched Friends and ER and Days of Our Lives. Thinking back on it, it’s pretty darn funny. Senior (in college) living at its finest.


A few years ago while cleaning out my storage, I found a cross stitch kit that had long been stored away. I picked it back up and it was like finding an old friend. Having also found a love for sketching and watercolor painting, I decided I wanted to learn embroidery. I picked it up easily – it’s really no different than drawing and writing, except it’s done with thread. And it is so. much. fun. to cuss in hand embroidered lettering!


One day, someone asked if they could buy something from me. I was shocked, but honored. I sold my first item and have been creating and selling ever since. In my store you will find digital patterns, kits, and finished pieces. I love doing custom orders, especially handwriting pieces. Each and every piece is made with love and care.


Why Nifty Nadine?

Ah yes, I’ve rebranded myself a million times over, but this time, THIS TIME, I’ve decided to remove myself from the branding and give my work a life of its own.


My mom’s middle name is Nadine. She hates it. I don’t know why, because it’s a lovely name. But like most people do about their names, she always wished it was something else.


I, however, loved it. And joked with her that I was going to have a baby girl and name her Nadine, just so she would have to say it all the time. I had two boys. And now the oven is closed. Whoops.


So as a tribute to my mom, who was super creative, but can barely sew a button on and who had absolutely zero impact on my life as a cross-stitcher or hand-embroiderer or textile artist, I named my business after her.


Nifty, right?

Final Thoughts

Stitching brings me calm. It brings me back to center and helps me focus on one thing. As an anxious person and someone who lives with dermatillomania, it gives my hands and brain something to do that is productive and not destructive. My hands are the target for most of my picking, therefore working with them makes it much harder to destroy them!


The practice of creativity – whether embroidery, painting, turning wood, throwing pottery, whatever – can be very healing for your mind and your body. This article from TextileArtist.org, is a wonderful look at the healing power of stitching.


It’s my hope that my art, whether a finished piece or a starting point, will bring you as much joy as it does me.